roboadvisor_logoEmpirica offers an intelligent robo-advisory platform for wealth managers with the strongest algorithmic engine on the market that allows to build sophisticated investment algorithms. It uses artificial intelligence to give advisors unique insights about their clients to lower their churn and increase their engagement. Those two characteristics make Empirica-Advisor absolutely unique in the whole robo advisory space. And it will make your offering unique on asset management market.

Why Empirica Robo-Advisor?

  • Sophisticated automation with our powerful Algorithmic Engine

    Built-in algorithmic engine brings you full automation of investment process. Launched in 2010 has been improved continuously to meet the highest technical requirements. Trusted by leading brokers has already made our clients award winners and record breakers. 

  • Decreased customers churn with Artificial Intelligence

    Intelligent reporting and customer behavioural analysis conducted by Machine Learning algorithms gives you full range of possibilities like e.g. can help you to predict and prevent customers churn.

  • Fast time to value

    Delivery can be as short as 3 weeks for PRIMARY model. We use Empirica FinTech Software Framework to speed up the development by 40-60% for other models.

  • Advanced models of financial planning and risk assessment

    In cooperation with scientists from Economic University of Wroclaw we are developing advanced models of financial planning and risk assessment.

  • Multi-broker connectivity and system integration

    It is connected to Interactive Brokers and ready for integration with different brokers as well as your existing systems and advanced infrastructures.


Investor Dashboard

Investor Dashboard provides the user with the view of the whole portfolio instead of selective view on financial products only. It gives them the possibility of real time portfolio monitoring via user-friendly analytical tools for the visualization of the portfolio structure (eg. instrument type, sector or region) and risk parameters. The Platform provides real time and historical information on the portfolio over the selected period.

Discover advanced charts and diagrams on Investor Dashboard by requesting demo presentation.

Algorithmic Engine

The uniqueness of Empirica-Advisor lies in its integration with the Algorithmic Trading Platform, the advanced and complete environment for building, testing and execution of trading algorithms. The platform has been successfully implemented in many financial institutions and meets the high technical requirements such as high throughput (1K msg/sec) and low latency (<1ms). The algorithmic engine allows the definition of own algorithms and use them in other investment products without having to implement a trading infrastructure. No other robo-advisor software producer offers the use of in-house algorithmic execution like Empirica does. The software is fully open for integration across different brokers and markets. Read more about Empirica Algorithmic Trading Platform…

Investor Onboarding with balance projection

A fully customizable interactive questionnaire helps to create a customer’s risk profile and to fit adequate investment strategies to it. The risk profile of the customer can be created based on customized parameters defining overall risk aversion level, users expectations, lifetime goals and the way of making important financial decisions.
Visualization of balance projection applied in Empirica-Advisor as an eye-catching dynamic chart, gives a huge advantage over the traditional questionnaires, by interactively showing the customer dependencies between the answers from the questionnaire, risk profile, proposed investment strategy and long term financial goals. Showing the customers their future profit and giving them an interactive influence on it, is a great way of increasing the engagement in proposed investment strategy and making them a long term customer, who doesn’t change their decision in the first market downturn.

Asset allocation & Portfolio rebalancing

Allocation of clients assets to different financial instruments should be adequate to the user’s risk profile and execute the long term investment strategy. Empirica-Advisor allows the user to automate asset allocation using customized investment algorithms. Automated portfolio rebalancing is an important functionality of robo-advisory service. In Empirica-Advisor it is possible to set the automated portfolio rebalancing with requested frequency. The rebalancing mechanism is implemented in the algorithmic engine, so its logic can be fully adjusted to asset management requirements.

Find out more about asset allocation by requesting demo presentation.

Administration Console

The Administration console offers a full range of tools for monitoring and managing investors portfolios. The dashboard of Empirica-Advisor allows the user to track and analyze customers behaviour and react if they are going to change or give up with their investment strategy. The Administrator gets all the tools needed to communicate with investors efficiently – automatic and manual notifications, mails, sms, alerts. The asset manager gets a view of performance of individual portfolios as well as an aggregated view on assets under management. The integration with external systems such as market data providers or brokers system is also controlled from the Administration Console.

Behavioral Analysis backed by AI

Behavioural analysis functionalities of Empirica-Advisor, backed by AI and machine learning, allow the user to deepen the understanding of clients’ behaviours, to predict their reactions and to influence their decision-making process. With behavioural analysis it is possible to react in advance if the behaviour of a customer combined with market situation and other factors indicate there is a high probability of losing them. Tracking all actions of customers, analyzing them, finding common patterns in huge amounts of data, making predictions and offering unique insights for fund managers delivers a powerful tool not previously available to wealth managers.

Empirica Robo-Advisor business models

    Go digital with solid foundation
  • Client & Advisor Dashboards

  • Easy on-line onboarding

  • Performance Analytics & Reporting
  • Automated portfolio generation
    with risk assessment
  • White label with full customization

  • Advanced Security (2FA, SSL)
  • Live data feed
  • Launch in 3 weeks

  • $1750
    per month, paid annualy
    Get fully automated and lower operating costs
  • Automated allocation and trade execution

  • Automated rebalancing
  • Multi-broker connectivity

  • Design, build and test your unique algorithmic strategies
  • Advanced Security (2FA, SSL)
  • Live data feed
  • Launch in 3 weeks

  • Contact us

    Big launch for big business
  • Integration with existing systems to achieve more synergies
  • Crafting additional modules on request
  • Customer behavioural analysis by Machine Learning to lower customers churn

  • Advanced Security (2FA, SSL)
  • Live data feed
  • Launch in 3 weeks

  • Contact us

Delivery process for Robo-Advisor Primary model

Digital transformation of wealth management in 3 weeks


First see the demo presentation and explore how Empirica Advisor gets your business forward. There are only 3 steps of delivery process:

  • 1. Easy Licence & Clear payment

    Get and review specification of the platform. Sign our licence agreement. One time payment for 1 year, no hidden fees.

  • 2. Customization

    We get your Robo Advisor aligned with your company branding materials, we set up your onboarding questionnaire and configuring it with your defined risk levels to generate client portfolios.

  • 3. Ready to go

    Congratulations! After 3 weeks you are ready to launch. From now on most of your business activities are digital and your team has more time to focus on attracting new clients. Meanwhile your clients are more engaged with self onboarding and reviewing their portfolio changes as they go.


Deployment, support and maintenance is on us, no hardware costs for you. As your system is working perfectly on our servers you are free from all tech worries. The packages are easy to upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Empirica provide financial advice?

No, Empirica does not provide investment advice. Empirica is a vendor of fully automated robo-advisory platform – software solution for wealth managers, offered in SaaS or on premises models.

How does the white labelling work?

It depends on the product business model. We start from aligning the platform with your company branding materials (logo, colour palettes, layouts), but offer full range of customization, like implementing your unique trading strategies. Our platform is more than only white label solution. it can be fully customized according to your specific needs. In our approach financial advisors or wealth managers choose the investment philosophy and we equip our platform with it.

What trading algorithms does Empirica-Advisor utilize?

You can implement any unique algorithmic strategy with usage of our API and deploy it into our platform or let our team do it for you. This gives you great possibility to apply most sophisticated algorithms and differentiate your robo advisory offering on the market. Our platform includes some basic allocation strategies and we offer full range of testing tools.

Can you integrate a third party software to Empirica-Advisor platform?

Yes, Empirica Advisor is made to be fully integrable with external systems and infrastructures. Our team has wide experience and deep knowledge on integrating complex systems from other, mostly institutional FinTech projects.

Does Empirica use my client information and investment strategies?

Absolutely not, Empirica is fully committed not to access to your clients privacy and your financial plannings and your confidential material.

How do I get started with my Robo-Advisor?

First choose your prefered product version from the Empirica-Advisor business models and request the demo presentation. Within 24h you will get the response and you will be provided with next steps to set up the online presentation. After exploring Empirica-Advisor, get all answers to your questions you can make decision. When you decide to buy the system, with the Primary model we get you sign our license agreement, customize the platform within 3 weeks and then you start signing up clients. More advanced models require more details from your side to set a road map for your project. We will provide you with further steps about implementation process during the demo presentation.

In which countries Empirica Robo-Advisor can operate?

Globally. Due to regulatory differences in different countries, our system has build-in mechanisms that allow to fulfill wide range of regulatory constraints. Let us know if you have questions regarding special requirements in your country.

How does Empirica-Advisor integrates with my broker/custodian/bank?

Open mechanisms of communication applied on architectural and API level allows us to connect to any broker, custodian or data feed within maximum 2 weeks. Let us know in the process of system customization about your requirements in this area, and we will give you detailed answers with possible deadlines.


Digital revolution & Advice-Robots in wealth management

“The financial services industry is undergoing a seismic shift and automation introduced by robo-advisors is part of this transition. The next 5 years will most likely alter the competitive landscape for asset managers. Financial advisors have to take into account new technological models, both robo- and hybrid advice, that help to manage and grow their businesses and to keep abreast of the latest industry developments. Both FinTech start-ups and traditional asset managers are focusing on digital and automated investment solutions to respond to the growing expectations of investors and to address major challenges facing the industry, such as  pressure on lowering fees and generational changes. There are some important experiences and insights we would like to share according to our robo-advisory and algorithmic trading platform implementations.” Michal Rozanski, CEO of Empirica S.A.

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If you are planning to grow your business with robo-advisory solution request a demo presentation.