Empirica’s Fintech software frameworks and products

Speeds up the software development by 40-60%. You don’t have to invest in the development of common functionalities. Use our proven and tested components and concentrate in building on components that contribute to your core business values.

100% focus on Fintech

We consider this exclusivity the strongest source of our deep competence. Our team experienced in financial technology projects has technical expertise in areas such as robust, scalable and distributed architectures, automated trading, automated investment, Blockchain, digital assets, performance and trading.

Assistance in the full product lifecycle

Our team will be with you in all phases from conception through implementation to production and maintenance. We have a long experience of delivering largely scaled projects which have thought us the best of project management and productions practicies.


  • Payment

    Serving our clients with best in class payment integration and workflows such as Mastercard PTS.

  • Trading

    As one of our specialities, we have developed an algorithmic trading platform, integrated with more than 10 trading venues and active high frequency trading algorithms running across these trading venues.

  • Investment banking

    Having an in-house white-label automated investment management system as well as working with ING bank’s wealth management department to build automated software for their financial advisors brought a lot of knowledge and experience to our team in this sector.

  • Blockchain

    If your organization’s blockchain technology requires being improved or developed, our company is what you need. Our Fintech specialists are experiences in these projects and know how to turn into reality all necessities toward your project idea

  • Neo banking

    Neo banking as one of the booming sectors in Fintech has brought alot of new well-known names in the retail market such as Revolut, N26 and Chime. We at Empirica are also helping build one of the most scalable and robust neo banking App in the Asian market, Sadapay.

  • Private markets

    As one of the least digitized sectors in the Fintech market, private market automation is highly overdue. Through our experience helping our clients we have built a massive know-how on how to automate and make the operations in the private market as efficient as possible. 

  • Integration and APIs

    Having developed a reading platform with integration to many trading venues, brokers, bank and custodian has made API integration one of our core competencies. We have experiences using most known and secure API protocols used in Finance such as FIX, RESTful and WebSockets.

  • Open banking

    With the advent of PSD2 and open banking in Europe a lot of new opportunities for Fintech services has been made. With a great experience in connectivities and third-party system integrations our team can help you achieve your dream

Selected customers

Product portfolio | Algorithmic Trading Platform

  • Market Making

    Liquidity Engine is a high-frequency trading system used by regulated market makers on traditional markets that we have upgraded to provide liquidity for crypto assets. This is our flagship product and we genuinely rock at it.

  • Arbitrage

    Execute arbitrage strategies on Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies between multiple crypto exchanges, take advantage of our pre-built connections to more 17 crypto exchanges.

  • Smart Order Routing

    Let our smart order routing algorithm to find the best possible prices for your order across all crypto exchanges, split it and execute it accordingly

  • VWAP

    Achieve price that is close to VWAP price with large order by splitting it into multiple smaller ones throughout the trading day

Partner with

Product portfolio | Digital Wealth Management

  • Automated execution and settlement

    We will integrate with your broker or custodian and equip your transaction to be performed entirely automatic. Thanks to Empirica algorithmic trading platform, we can connect to almost all crypto exchanges and brokers of your choice.

  • Reporting and performance

    Dashboards are designed with the latest principles of UI/UX in order to bring the best and most efficient experience for you and your clients. We do constantly update features, widgets charts and other elements on our dashboard to serve you and your clients better. Our client dashboard (your investors’ dashboard) is a comprehensive reporting environment is designed to bring a pleasant experience to your clients with an interactive design for them to get a complete overview of their portfolio performance.

  • Investor onboarding and cockpit

    Your new customers could onboard seamlessly through Empicia Advisor onboarding module. Onboarding consists of questions to assess your customers towards how much risk they can tolerate. We would also provide your investors with a highly interactive and informative dashboard to provide them with a comprehensive understanding of their portfolio performance.

  • Advisor dashboard and portfolio management

    It does not matter if crypto-only, normal instruments or a combination of crypto and normal instruments portfolios with Empirica Robo Advisor you can have it all. In just few steps you will be able to create investment portfolios, assign them to a risk level and have it available to your clients.

Custom Fintech development

  • Conception and ideation

    From the initial ideation phase, we will help you to specify your project and guide you through best practices in software development. We will go through each page from your users’ point of view and analyze each feature at each step of the way.

  • Estimation, design and roadmap

    Its important to design your software in a way that it’s usable and of course it looks good. With a professional evaluation,we will design the best for your projects. We will also breakdown your projects into core and auxiliary features and manage your roadmap to success. Once put in place, we will estimate each phase of your project to provide with an accurate cost and time estimation.

  • Agile development

    We are committed to agile software development. We will put the best project management practices to guide you through a smooth journey of the development of your software project. We will provide our clients with weekly reporting.

  • Support and maintenance

    Once launched, we will still be your partner with further development, updates, upgrades, support and maintenance.

Use cases


SECTOR Payment Banking

SadaPay is a digital bank partnered with Mastercard bringing modern financial services to Pakistan, where 87% of over 220 million people are formally unbanked. Empirica was chosen as the technology partner for Sadapay to deliver their highly scalable App only bank to the market with the 2020 winter launch.


SECTOR Wealth Management Investment Advice Banking

The ING Group is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam. Empirica Robo for Advisors Platform is an intelligent solution designed to enhance financial advisors day to day operations. Our technology supports ING’s wealth managers in their daily work with their investors.


SECTOR Liquidity Exchange Trading

Warsaw Stock Exchange- the biggest and most liquid stock exchange in Central & Eastern Europe since 2011 – Empirica has delivered a liquidity measurement solution, based on their Algorithmic Trading Engine.


SECTOR Leasing Lending

European Leasing Fund (EFL) – one the biggest leasing companies in Europe, owned by Crédit Agricole and one of the biggest financial institutions in Poland. Empirica has built the Financial Engine system – the core solution responsible for logic of leasing and lending operations for EFL.

Our technology stack

Seeing growing importance of blockchain based assets we have adjusted our algorithmic trading software for cryptocurrency markets. Based on our technology for capital markets we have implemented set of institutional-grade trading bots. Our crypto market making algorithms are now supporting major exchanges and crypto liquidity providers . We have also helped crypto exchanges and hedge funds in development of their trading software systems. We want to use further our experience in fintech and algorithmic trading to help cryptocurrency markets grow and change the face of financial system, supporting token listing of ambitous blockchain projects by the way.