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Why focus on FinTech?

Projects in FinTech are not about technology, they are about the results achieved with technology. You can find dozens of software companies that focus on tools, frameworks, code and tests. They make projects for whatever customer, whatever industry happens, indirectly saying they put technology over customer’s business. We are different. We are the fintech software house. We focus exclusively on financial technology projects. We build software that helps financial companies run their business. We do that, because we understand it.

Since we started in 2009, we have helped many customers in software development of their systems. Additionally during this time, we have build our own Algorithmic Trading Platform which is a cutting-edge server-side software that helps traders and quants develop, test and execute their algorithms on the markets. At the same time this platform is the best proof of our software development skills, FinTech industry expertise and our most sophisticated reference.