Team, culture, values


  • we seek out only the best ideas and solutions
  • we invest time in self-development but we also help others
  • we like to question status quo and challenge assumptions
  • our goal is finding the simplest solutions even for the most complex issues.


  • every day we try to inspire each other and to do things better than yesterday
  • we celebrate achievements together
  • we openly talk about our failures and draw conclusions – to not discuss failures more than once


  • we seek solutions that benefit our client and product rather than looking for convenient quick fix.
  • we save time with direct and open communication
  • we are honest about our shortcomings
  • we pride ourselves on our morals and ethics and do not tolerate on concealing of information or inside politics


  • we learn fast and readily
  • we strive to understand the market well, the business of our clients and their problems
  • we treat technology as a means to answer business challenges therefore we must understand both very well.


  • we believe that processes are just the means to achieve goals so we are focused on achieving results more so than on blindly following processes
  • when we develop our software we need to know where all the bytes used for creating objects go and when they are going to be cleaned up


  • we don’t deny that as children we preferred to tinker with our toys, put them apart, look inside and build with LEGO blocks
  • every geek or nerd (yes – even the one always picked last for the soccer) has a chance to find here an interesting workplace, full of intellectual challenges.

If you feel that you share our views on culture, values, working environment and the world and would like to become a part of our passionate team – apply!