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Empirica. FinTech Software House

We are the Tech behind

Empirica builds bespoke software solutions for the FinTech industry. Since 2010 we specialize in investment software, blockchain, machine learning and advanced systems in finance. We are the Tech behind FinTech.

What we do

FinTech Software

Our team experienced in financial technology projects has technical competencies in areas such as robust and scalable architectures, algorithms, performance and security. By using our FinTech Software Framework we will be able to speed up the development of your product by 40% to 60% percent, by saving time on already build and tested core modules.

Blockchain Development

We build custom, blockchain-based distributed systems that support various appliances in financial industry such as multi-signature wallets, exchanges, financial platforms, crowdfunding platforms, auctions, trading infrastructure. We can also fully support the technical part of ICO process of your company.

AI and Machine Learning

With our data science team and using our AI Analytics Framework we help you discover the hidden knowledge within your data and get data-driven actionable insights. For example with help of machine learning algorithms we analyze your customers behaviour to determine their loyalty and to prevent them from churning. But this is just the beggining.

Our FinTech Solutions

Robo Advisory Platform

Empirica Robo Advisory Platform lets wealth and asset management firms focus on unique algorithms and user experience without having to implement the web and trading infrastructure. The system is backed by our powerful Algorithmic Trading Platform, which is deployed in many financial institutions.  Read about our robo technology for wealth management firms…

FinTech Software Framework

Empirica FinTech Software Framework speeds up the development of custom software projects by 40-60%. It is based on robust and scalable architecture with ready-made building blocks that cover many commonly needed functionalities behind FinTech services, such as security, reporting, notifications or users and document management to name a few. Read about our FinTech framework …

Algorithmic Trading on Capital and Cryptocurrency Markets

Empirica Algorithmic Trading Platform is low latency and high throughput software system that allows investment firms and professional traders to perform automated operations on capital, cryptocurrency and forex markets with lighting speed.. Read about our algorithmic trading solutions …


  • 100% focus on FinTech

    We consider focus the strongest source of our deep competence. Our team experienced in financial technology projects has technical competencies in areas such as robust and distributed architectures, blockchain, algorithms, performance and security.

  • International presence

    We implemented breakthrough software products and services for top financial institutions and FinTech companies all around the world. To better serve our customers we set up units in United Kingdom, Finland and Switzerland and we are expanding to Germany and Netherlands.

  • Our FinTech software framework

    that speeds up the development by 40-60%. You don’t have to invest in development of common functions. Use our proven and tested components and concentrate on building functions that constitute your unique advantage on the market.

  • Leading edge of FinTech innovation.

    We invest each year over 30% of our revenues into R&D. Our internal team researches breakthrough technologies like Blockchain, machine learning (AI) and Big Data frameworks and their appliances in finance. 

  • Assistance in whole product lifecycle

    Our help covers all phases from conception through implementation to maintenance with a focus on delivering business value as soon as possible. We also help in the technical side of ICO process of blockchain initiatives.

Are you planning a financial technology or blockchain project?

Send us your e-mail and we will contact you with further details.

Our latest FinTech software projects

100% of our customers would recommend Empirica to their colleagues or invited us to another project.

WSE FinTech Software Development

Warsaw Stock Exchange
Empirica has implemented real time analitics software for the biggest stock exchange in Central & Eastern European. Read the story …

EFL - Financial Software Development Project

Crédit Agricole
Empirica is rebuilding for EFL (one the biggest leasing companies in Europe, owned by Crédit Agricole) it’s core software system for leasing operations.

Financial Technology Software Development

Empirica has built for InvestHelp, an robo-advisory startup, the software system that covers company core operations. Read the story…

BOS FinTech Software Project

Bank of Environmental Protection Brokerage House
With our software DM BOS is the fastest market maker on Warsaw Stock Exchange.

On December 2017 the Swiss provider of wealth management services started the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Empirica is the technological support behind the launch of this ICO procedure.

Our story

Our FinTech journey started 7 years ago with building one of the most advanced software product in investment space – Algorithmic Trading Platform, a low latency and high throughput system that allows for automation of investment operations. After five years, when development of our product was near to finish and we expanded into other areas such as Blockchain and Machine Learning, we have noticed that when building our software, we have built one of the strongest software development team in FinTech space. We decided to use this potential and to help other FinTech companies to implement their software. FinTech is about using technology to offer outstanding financial products and services. Empirica defines itself as expert in financial technology. We build the Tech behind FinTech.

See our trading software for cryptocurrency markets at

Seeing growing importance of blockchain based assets we have adjusted our algorithmic trading software for cryptocurrency markets. Based on our technology for capital markets we have implemented set of institutional-grade trading bots. Our market making bot and smart order routing are now supporting major cryptoexchanges in providing liquidity. We have also helped crypto exchanges and hedge funds in development of their trading software systems. We want to use further our experience in fintech and algorithmic trading to help cryptocurrency markets grow and change the face of financial system.

Are you planning a financial technology or blockchain project?

Send us your e-mail and we will contact you with further details.