FinTech Financial Research

Companies providing services that help to investigate and analyse financial situation of other companies or the overall market or economy. Financial research tools and services are used by investment banks, mutual funds, security firms and other businesses who are offering financial products or investment services.

Smart search engine for investment pros spares them irrelevant Google search results.

BONA FIDES: 400 clients include JPMorgan Chase, Credit Suisse

FUNDING: $13 million from undisclosed angel investors

COFOUNDER & CEO: Former Morgan Stanley analyst Jack Kokko, 42

Predictive analytics to improve underwriting and pricing, improve customer understanding and predict customer claims

Offers automatic integration of business data as an alternative to master data management, as well as intelligent semantic and multilingual searches.

Coseer uses AI/NLP to automate Routine decisions in Enterprises, so that they arrive at better answers, faster and stay updated.

Front- to back-office integration via Connectivity Factory™, the first mediation, convergence, and information brokerage platform.

Proves old concept–wisdom of the crowd–by crowdsourcing corporate-earnings estimates from general public.

BONA FIDES: Beats Wall Street estimates 70% of the time

FUNDING: $9 million from Contour Venture Partners, Longworth Venture Partners, WorldQuant Ventures


High-performance database with in-memory computing for heavy-duty data-warehousing and BI.


Enables enterprises gain a 360-degree view of their information assets and data flows across all applications and databases, helping them ensure compliance and good governance.

Lightweight BI & OLAP

BI reports for mobiles: Reboard combines in a unique way both function and design into a management instrument of the next generation.


Modular data exploration platform enables the user to visually create data flows, execute selected analysis steps, and later investigate the results through interactive views – e.g. for churn analysis and credit scoring.

Cloud-based network security and big data analytics

Blending machine learning with human intelligence to enable the world’s largest organizations to make more impactful investment and policy decisions.  Employs army of Android-wielding locals in 30 countries to collect on-the-ground data that shed light on economic trends in real time.

BONA FIDES: Clients include World Bank, the UN, Bloomberg and Standard Chartered

FUNDING: $66.5 million from Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Social Capital, Valor Equity Partners

Risk Management, Asset Allocation and Portfolio Optimization.

Predictive analytics (formerly Rapid-I) around customer segmentation, loyalty and retention analysis, credit ratings etc.

Risk Management software

Seeking Alpha is a crowd-sourced content service for financial markets.

Salesforce cloud-based integration

Stocktagon is an equity market research tool combining big data, visualization, and document searching