FinTech Banking Infrastructure

Banking infrastructure category refers to comapnies providing the fundamental hardware, software and services to bank for its core business to function.

DemystData’s proprietary Attribute Platform works with more data sources than anyone else, including telco, social, ID, fraud, websites, text, news, logs, and much much more, and allows for the creation, hosting and delivery of actionable attributes that are unavailable anywhere else.

Provides tools for other fintech startups to link bank and credit accounts and process transactions.

BONA FIDES: Used by Motif, Betterment, Wealthfront, Digit, Venmo and Acorns

FUNDING: $15.3 million from NEA, Google Ventures, Spark Capital and others

Allows banks to transfer funds in any currency in real time.

BONA FIDES: Partnerships with Earthport, Germany’s Fidor Bank, Cross River Bank, CBW Bank

COFOUNDER & CEO: Chris Larsen, 55, cofounder of Prosper and E-Loan

FUNDING: $38.4 million from Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures and others