FinTech Personal Finance

Private tech companies that help individuals manage their personal bills, accounts or credit.

Avuba, FinTech startup from Berlin, provides payment products and mobile-first bank accounts to market with one aim – simplifying banking. Avuba mobile app and bank account make it easy to send money, check balances or analysing and budgeting of expenses.

BankingCheck is a German FinTech company which provides financial products comparisons – including fixed deposit, bank account, credit card, deposit, and loans – which users can compare, rate and comment.

Swiss representative in FinTech family provides all types of insurance product comparison. The comparision is based on many predefined criteria which help users find most accurate insurance product in their situation.

Digit connects to customer’s bank account and analyses spending habits and then periodically monitors cash flow diverting small amounts into separate account as savings. Digit has received $13.8 million of funding from Baseline Ventures and Google Ventures.

HelloWallet targets employers to sell it’s services as an employee benefit, which links all a worker’s bank, credit, savings and investing accounts, and prepares for the emplyee individual analysis and advices regarding their financial situation. HelloWallet is already offered to over 550K emplyees.

This FinTech company was bought by Morningstar in 2014 for $52.5 million.

Level, a mobile budgeting app, with over 1 million downloads, destined for retail customers, automatically tracks their cash flow, reinforces positive habits and provides insights about spending and saving behaviors. It tries to support users in achieving long-term financial goals.

LearnVest launched in 2009 as a financial planning service for women. It has since expanded as a platform that connects both women and men with human financial advisers, amassing 1.5 million users.

This FinTech company raised $72 million from among other Accel Partners, then it was sold to Northwestern Mutual for over $250 million.