FinTech Institutional Investments

Tech companies that help financial institutions, such as banks, hedge funds, mutual funds or other institutional investors, to manage their assets and investments.

Behavioural finance as well as quantitative processing and analysis of capital market data. 2iQ has successfully developed financial applications for several years and advised different mutual, hedge funds and managed accounts.

Cloud software lets advisors analyze and manage all of a client’s assets, including hedge funds and private equity, on desktop and mobile.

BONA FIDES: More than $300 billion in assets already managed on platform

FUNDING: $65.8 million from David Sacks, Peter Thiel and Valor Equity Partners

Its Honeycomb bond-trading information system helps buyers see which banks hold inventory of bonds they want to buy–information that, surprisingly, isn’t now readily available.

BONA FIDES: 14 big banks and 140 buy-side firms have already signed up

COFOUNDER & CEO: Stu Taylor, 43, former UBS bond exec

FUNDING: $30 million from Lakestar and others

Software for professional investment management.


Solutions to process and integrate data feeds of the world’s main suppliers of financial information.


Stock exchange designed to blunt predatory high-frequency traders’ edge.

COFOUNDER & CEO: Brad Katsuyama, 37, hero of Michael Lewis book Flash Boys

FUNDING: $100 million from Spark Capital, Bain Capital Ventures and others

For more on IEX see, “Wall Street’s Unlikely Rebel: Can Brad Katsuyama’s New Exchange Fix The U.S. Stock Market?“

A marketing and information platform for professional asset managers. Private and institutional investors can compare the simulated portfolios of asset managers, and execute investment projects with selected partners.

Kensho with funding from Goldman Sachs and Google Ventures combines big data and machine-learning techniques to analyze how real-world events affect markets. It allows for search queries in natural language in its analytics tools for investment professionals.

Its software helps financial advisors quantify clients’ risk tolerance and build suitable portfolios.

BONA FIDES: Customers include LPL Financial, Cambridge, SEI, AssetMark and United Planners

FUNDING: $4 million from angel investors

Electronic interest rate swaps exchange allows big players to make trades anonymously

BONA FIDES: J.P. Morgan Chase, big hedge funds, have already signed on

COFOUNDER & CEO: Sunil Hirani, 49, the co-founder of Creditex

FUNDING: More than $25 million from management team and other investors

THREAT TO: Tradeweb and Bloomberg

Xignite supplies financial market data (both real-time and historical) stored in cloud to over 1,000 financial companies for their systems, websites and apps. Xignite was named to the Forbes FinTech 50 list.