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FinTech companies that help individuals manage their personal assets and investments.

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Social trading platform: customers can get the best traders on your account within a few minutes, analyse their chosen traders, watch their live trades, and then let their trader portfolio run on their account free of cost.

Robo-advisor with over 120K customers, now branching into 401(k) management. Invests customers money in portfolio of low cost index funds built basing on customer risk profile.
Betterment got $105 million of funding from Citi Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Northwestern Mutual Capital.

Connects employees at pre-IPO companies looking to sell stock with prospective buyers. EquityZen works with 15 of the top 25 unicorns.

Web-based stock exchange information system based on highly scalable real-time systems, which support our clients with complex searches and analyses of financial instruments of worldwide stock exchange centres.

Leading provider of financial software, quantitative strategies, algorithmic trading and risk management.

Do-it-yourself investing tool for beginner as well as advanced private investors focusing on ETFs

Social trading platform offering direct exchange and multibank trading in mutual funds and listed securities with high transparency, cost advantage and communication.

Motif Investing is an online broker that lets retail customers to design, share and buy themed ETF-like portfolios (Motifs) of up to 30 stocks for $9.95 a transaction. The company, based in Silicon Valley, is changing the face of online investing through an innovative, transparent social platform that allows individuals and investment advisors to invest in stock and bond portfolios built around everyday ideas and broad economic trends — and even create brand-new motifs from scratch. Motif is a registered broker-dealer and a member of SIPC.
Motif has already over 200K customers and received $126 million in funding from Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Renren. Last valuation is at $800 million as of last round in January.

Crowdsources hedge fund by offering quants free platform for back-testing their algorithms. If hedge fund uses an algorithm, creator gets up to 10% of profits.

BONA FIDES: 50,000 folks, including computer scientists, physicists and rocket scientists, have signed on to the platform

COFOUNDER & CEO: John Fawcett, 38, formerly with Advent Software

FUNDING: $23.8 million from Bessemer Venture Partners, Spark Capital, Khosla Ventures

quirion *

A Quirin Bank brand, Quirion offers a modern, cost-effective online wealth management advisory and portfolio management platform.

Commission-free stock trading app.

FUNDING: $66 million from Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, actor Jared Leto, Snoop Dogg

For more on Robinhood see,”The Price Of Free: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Investing And Saving Options For The 99%

SigFig’s service gives automated investment advice on how to save money on expensive funds, and boost your Returns.

Stockpulse provides independent social media and news analyses for financial markets. Stockpulse daily collects up to 100,000 news and opinions, determines market moods, and provides valuable trading signals.

Offers among others a white-label personal finance management solution that can be integrated without major integration effort into an existing online presence.

An investment community that brings together (retail) investors and stock experts, so that both can profit from each other.

Connects investors and financial experts directly via a web platform to create a new form of investment. United Signals breaks down the idea of any kind of investment to its core: investors follow financial experts with their assets.

Robo-advisor with nearly $3 billion under management.

FUNDING: $129.5 million from Index Ventures, Ribbit Capital, Social Capital, Benchmark Capital

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Social trading platform: investors can easily invest in the trading strategies of the best traders (so-called “wikifolios”). Each investable wikifolio becomes a fully-fledged financial product which makes investing even easier.