Empirica Software Framework for FinTech products lets you build your fintech application like using building blocks. It has 3 main advantages:

  • reduced time to market from 40% up to 60%,
  • high quality of modules already proved in many productive environments,
  • proven track from design to product introduction to the market with our experinced FinTech development team.

Why to build everything from scratch, when many building blocks for your product are ready? Do not invest in development of common functions, invest in your unique market advantage.

Building blocks of FinTech Framework

  • Security module

    Based on the leading JEE solutions, delivers Java Enterprise security features. Ready to use token authentication (JWT), social media login (Facebook, Google API), LDAP, ACL, RBAC, GBAC authorization and much more.

  • Report engine

    Built around JasperReports library, generates dynamic content in the form of PDF, Microsoft Excel, RTF or HTML reports.

  • Notification engine

    Takes care of all major notification channels – SMS API, JavaMail API with Freemarker and Apache Velocity templates or real-time communication through the WebSocket API.

  • Document management

    Based on Apache Jackrabbit, content repository for documents, which can be stored in database or in file system. Advanced document management features like full text search, versioning, transactions, observation, and more.

  • Internationalization

    Internationalization framework supports developers in writing software that is independent of language and locale by providing mechanisms for selecting a language to be used or by tailoring output to match local conventions

  • Lightweight CMS

    Empirica’s simple but powerful Content Management System solution which allows to model Web page content for single users or group of users. Users can drag & drop widgets to personalize the content.

  • Advanced charting

    Combining the power of D3 and Angular for manipulating document-based data gives a chance to create dynamic and interactive data visualizations.

  • Payments integration

    Integrated with PayU API, allows to manage the payment system of your website. In addition to basic transaction processing, this module gives the access to additional services such as recurring payments.

  • Administration console

    Predefined browser-based interface for administrators. Used to centrally manage all the users and perform basic administrative operations.

  • Scheduling

    Supports the development and execution of planned, asynchronous tasks that trigger business logic in the backend.

  • Auditing

    Delivers mechanisms for historical versioning and auditing, as well as mechanisms to query historical data.

  • Configuration module

    Supports configuration in the projects, allowing for configuration changes in runtime.

Why to use FinTech framework in your project

  • develop your applications faster thanks to the use of commonly required enterprise portal modules
  • use a scalable framework ready for large enterprise software installations
  • work on a SaaS ready and multi-tenant platform
  • create Web portals with responsive design faster
  • get a ready to use frontend implementation in AngularJS for all common modules
  • use a platform based on modern technologies
  • concentrate on the business logic, while leaving out technical programming aspects to the platform
  • connect any Web, mobile, desktop frontends or other systems that can communicate over HTTP
  • get a well-tested and continuously integrated framework

Are you planning a financial technology software project?

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