Invest Help

Robo-Advisory Web Platform

Financial Technology Software Development

Empirica has built for InvestHelp, the leading Polish robo-advisory startup, the system that covers company core operations including distribution of investment advice with different channels, client panel with investment dashboards, portfolios and historical quotations as well as the backoffice operations.

“When we have finished our system together with Empirica we have felt like we have changed the car from old Fiat to a new Mercedes. That’s the difference the new system has made to our business operations.”
Kornel Dybul, CEO of InvestHelp


Engineers in the team



Sector: FinTech, Robo Advisory

Development process: Scrum

Web Fronted and JEE Backend

Our role

Empirica got the responsibility for building the complete product starting from design, architecture and implementation, configuration and maintenance of the system.

Short project summary

System has been build using Empirica’a own framework Wyatt. That has allowed us to shorten the project time for about 2 months. And that made all the difference – we have managed to keep the tight deadline.
Agile process (scrum) with short two weeks iterations finished by demo of working system presented to the customer.
All with beautiful RWD design
Empirica is now providing the ongoing maintenance and support of the system.


Java/JEE, WildFly, Hibernate, MariaDB, EJB, AngularJS, Empirica Wyatt Framework


Investment advice, portfolio holdings, quotations of thousands of funds, data visualization and charts, customer panel, payments, community and social functions, publications of educational materials, webinars, content management system


  • Design the system that reflects attractive offering of InvestHelp and helps attract new customers
  • Future scalability to support dynamic growth of customer base
  • Security related with processing of sensitive personal and financial information


Web based system covering whole customer operations, customer portal and backoffice operations related with investment advice as core business of Invest Help.

What we have learned

Frequent, direct and open communication between the development team and product owner is the key. Requirements change throughout the project, that’s natural and agile processes address that. But changes often have impact on the scope of the project, cost of which is not always that clear to product owner. One requirement that changed the scope of the project was communicated too late to the customer, instead development team has implemented it immediately. Product owner was not aware of the cost of the changes, and we had to take half of this cost on our side. But this situation really facilitated open communication through the rest of the project.

Plans for the future

Now as business of our customer grows, and InvestHelp is on their way to become major robo-advisory player on Polish market, we are planning together next stages of their system to facilitate this growth.

We are proud that InvestHelp has chosen us as a main partner supporting their business from technological side.

We are proud that such a successful FinTech startup has chosen us as a main partner supporting their business from technological side.