Customers and Competitors go Robo and you?

Empirica is introducing new generation of Robo Advisory software

The financial services industry is undergoing a seismic shift and automation introduced by robo-advisors
is part of this transition.

Wealth managers are focusing on digital and automated investment solutions to respond to the growing
expectations of investors and to address major challenges facing the industry.

Why Wealth Managers implement Robo-Advisory software?

  • To grow assets under management (AUM) in lower fees environment
  • To lower labor costs by having full automation of investing process
  • To engage new customers and work with Millennials investors
  • To lower the customer churn by usage of behavioural analysis
  • To be competitive as innovation leader

How does Empirica-Advisor serve?

  • Customizable Robo-Advisory online platform ready to launch on your servers or provided as a service
  • Automated execution of investment strategies via Empirica Algorithmic Engine
  • Applicable with your financial planning models and risk assessment strategies
  • Integratable with your current infrastructures, banks and brokerage
  • Supported with maintenance and future enhancements.

What is Empirica-Advisor offering?

  • Investors onboarding with balance projection
  • Investors dashboard and administration console
  • Asset allocation & portfolio rebalancing
  • Strong algorithmic engine
  • Behavioral analysis backed by Artificial Intelligence

Why Empirica?

  • Leading vendor of advanced Robo-Advisory Platform
  • 7 years of experience with 100% focus on FinTech
  • Financial services focused system integrator
  • +48 661 879 640

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“With Empirica we have felt like we have changed the car from old Fiat to a new Mercedes. That’s the difference the new system has made to our business operations.”

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