Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Empirica provide financial advice?

No, Empirica does not provide investment advice. Empirica is a vendor of fully automated robo-advisory platform – software solution for wealth managers, offered in SaaS or on premises models.

How does the white labelling work?

It depends on the product business model. We start from aligning the platform with your company branding materials (logo, colour palettes, layouts), but offer full range of customization, like implementing your unique trading strategies. Our platform is more than only white label solution. it can be fully customized according to your specific needs. In our approach financial advisors or wealth managers choose the investment philosophy and we equip our platform with it.

What trading algorithms does Empirica-Advisor utilize?

You can implement any unique algorithmic strategy with usage of our API and deploy it into our platform or let our team do it for you. This gives you great possibility to apply most sophisticated algorithms and differentiate your robo advisory offering on the market. Our platform includes some basic allocation strategies and we offer full range of testing tools.

Can you integrate a third party software to Empirica-Advisor platform?

Yes, Empirica Advisor is made to be fully integrable with external systems and infrastructures. Our team has wide experience and deep knowledge on integrating complex systems from other, mostly institutional FinTech projects.

Does Empirica use my client information and investment strategies?

Absolutely not, Empirica is fully committed not to access to your clients privacy and your financial plannings and your confidential material.

How do I get started with my Robo-Advisor?

First choose your prefered product version from the Empirica-Advisor business models and request the demo presentation. Within 24h you will get the response and you will be provided with next steps to set up the online presentation. After exploring Empirica-Advisor, get all answers to your questions you can make decision. When you decide to buy the system, with the Primary model we get you sign our license agreement, customize the platform within 3 weeks and then you start signing up clients. More advanced models require more details from your side to set a road map for your project. We will provide you with further steps about implementation process during the demo presentation.

In which countries Empirica Robo-Advisor can operate?

Globally. Due to regulatory differences in different countries, our system has build-in mechanisms that allow to fulfill wide range of regulatory constraints. Let us know if you have questions regarding special requirements in your country.

How does Empirica-Advisor integrates with my broker/custodian/bank?

Open mechanisms of communication applied on architectural and API level allows us to connect to any broker, custodian or data feed within maximum 2 weeks. Let us know in the process of system customization about your requirements in this area, and we will give you detailed answers with possible deadlines.