FinTech Crowdfunding

Platforms that allow a collection of individuals to provide monetary contributions for projects or companies provisioned in the form of equity.

It is a platform for startups to raise money online, recruit and apply to incubators.

Allows investors to invest directly into Mittelstand (German SMEs)

BaFin-licensed crowdinvesting platform, including IPOs

Crowdfunding platform with a focus on Switzerland

Crowdfunding site connects creators of new consumer products with investors and potential distribution partners, including P&G, General Mills and eBay.

BONA FIDES: Has helped 128 companies raise $145 million

FUNDING: $53 million from Union Square Ventures, Canaan Partners, Google Ventures and Clayton Christensen

Crowdinvesting for startups

Crowdfunding / -investing platform focused on Startups / SMEs

Crowdinvesting for startups, focused on Switzerland

Crowdcube, a crowdfunding service, enables individuals to invest or loan in small companies in return for equity or an annual return.

finmar* offline

Crowdfunding with a focus on Mittelstand / SMEs

FundersClub is an online venture capital firm that provides online financial matchmaking Services.

Real estate crowdfunding site whose backers vet and buy the deals themselves, before reselling to accredited investors.

BONA FIDES: Ties to big real estate players allowed it to sell bonds for 3 World Trade Center

FUNDING: $35 million from Renren, Guggenheim Partners, Silverstein Properties CEO Marty Burger, Ackman-Ziff President Simon Ziff

COFOUNDER & CEO: Ben Miller, 39, from rich D.C. real estate family

For more on Fundrise see, “Is Crowdfunding About To Massively Disrupt The Real Estate Industry?“

Crowdfunding for friends

Gust is a global platform for entrepreneurs to collaborate with Investors to fund new ventures.

Gust provides the global platform for the sourcing and management of early-stage Investments. Gust enables skilled entrepreneurs to collaborate with the smartest Investors by virtually supporting all aspects of the Investment realtionship, from Initial pitch to successful Exit.

Crowdinvesting in innovative startups

Project financing for smaller SMEs

Crowdinvesting for startups

The Company is a leading specialist in the private securities market.

Crowdfunding with a focus on creatives / inventors